Don't base this blog too much on my personality. I express my feelings through writing, dance,&music. I try to keep it as real as possible on this G. Get to know me on your own time. Keep it legit. Sincerly, Sheryl Ann Padre

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Hi, Tumblr.

It’s been a while. Who’s still active on here?

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Anonymous said: What do you want to study in college? (:


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: Okay, this is what happened at Starbucks. So we walk in to the Lincoln...


Okay, this is what happened at Starbucks.
So we walk in to the Lincoln center Starbucks which is really tiny, and crowded. So we’re waiting in line and then this blonde white girl comes up to us out of nowhere like she approached us from behind, and she just was like hi!!!! And I was like oh…


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  • Interviewer: Give us your best tip for overcoming depression.
  • Stephen Fry: To regard it as being like the weather. It's not your responsibility that it's raining, but it is real when it rains, and the fact that it's raining does not mean that the rain is never going to stop. The only thing to do is to believe that, one day, it won't be raining and accept it so you can find a mental umbrella to shield yourself from the worst. The sun will eventually come up.
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If you wanna win, start working.
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I hope you all have a blessed holiday. Love you all. 

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I hope you all have a blessed holiday. Love you all.

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Love is patient.

This has to be the very first relationship that I skipped the “talking” phase. After waiting for each other for about 8 years, I can honestly say that we both agreed that the feelings have grown enough these past years. Though there were several relationships in between those years, and we have gone our separate ways from time to time, we always managed to come back as if we never left each others side.

To many, this may sound ridiculous, but I feel that it’s more fate. He asked me out in the 6th grade and at the time, I wasn’t thinking about relationships, so I declined the offer to be his girlfriend. Claiming to be torn and heartbroken, he decided to let me do what I wanted and be with whoever I wanted to be with when I was ready. Our halau decided to have us compete together for couples, but because I was too shy to dance with my crush, and he was “retired” already we decided to call it off. 2 years after all that, I knew that I still had that puppy love crush on him, not knowing that he felt the same way.

High school came, and we both came around in one another’s lives from time to time and tried our best to keep in touch. He had a girlfriend and I had my girlfriend, so we knew nothing would be happening anytime soon. Almost every night, he’d call me to tell me about his relationship and asked for advice. After several months of the crazy situation with him and his girlfriend, he decided to finally leave her after a talk with his parents and about 3 months later I took the time to talk to him again and tell him that I was supportive of whatever he chose with his situation with his ex. We then got to the point of finally expressing the way we felt for each other, and realized that we both felt the same way for the past 6 years.

About 3 nights ago, I was asked out by the same guy who has been waiting since about 6 or 7 years ago, and we made it official. I let go of those who didn’t support my relationship with him like a quickness, making sure I was letting myself do what my heart wanted me to do, instead of letting everyone’s opinion get to my head and affect the decision I made just for their satisfaction. For the very first time in my life, I admit to making the best choice of my life, for love.

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Hold on to the one you know you deserve and deserves you.
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Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet.
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